About Ceci

Ceci is an Arizona native, born and raised in Phoenix. Ceci’s background experience includes employment as a paralegal for accomplished Phoenix attorneys in the field of Domestic Relations, Criminal, Bankruptcy, and Election Law. She previously worked for the State of Arizona in the area of social services for ten years. Being a state employee helped her recognize her desire to help her community at a more proactive level. Ceci earned her Associates Degree and Paralegal Certificate from Phoenix College and is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in New Profit Leadership and Management from Arizona State University. Ceci has been involved with a number of political campaigns in a management capacity, and has been active in the Democratic Party. She has become an advocate for juvenile justice causes, women’s rights issues, at-risk teens, for families with incarcerated loved ones and prisoners’ right’s. Ceci’s desire to ensure the support families of the incarcerated at a higher capacity is why she is a founder of a nonprofit organization that provides support to families affected by Arizona’s broken justice system.

Ceci decided she needed to be a part of making changes for her community and has participated in the following programs: 2011 Arizona Local Progressive Candidate Training; 2012 Arizona Political Leaders Fellowship with the Center of Progressive Leaders, and is an Alumna of Emerge Arizona’s Class of 2013.

Her greatest role though is that of a mother, to her beautiful children, who continue to inspire her to stay active in her community to ensure a better future for her family, Arizona’s families and for YOU. The interests of Arizona’s families and children are a top priority. Ceci is currently a Candidate for the House of Representatives in LD 29 for the 2014 election. Her education, dedication, loyalty and life experiences are what qualify her to become the next Legislator in LD29. She is proud to have the opportunity to serve her district and Arizona.